Pilates training for injured soldiers and civilians

The foundation supported Danish Wounded Warriors Project, DWWP, (click here), is a part of Copenhagen Pilates Studio. DWWP is a specialized Pilates training center for war veterans and civilians with complicated injuries after high-energy traumas (explosions, traffic accidents, etc.)

The project was established in 2010 by the Royal Danish Ballet Foundation, under the professional leadership of Jojo Bowman and Jessie Lee. It originated as a volunteer project in collaboration with Fin Warburg, military orthopedic surgeon and senior consultant in the orthopedic trauma department at Rigshospitalet.

DWWP has been supported by foundations since 2014, which has made it possible for participants in the project to receive individualized Pilates training on a regular basis.

The project demonstrates that Pilates can reduce physical and mental impairment. The result has been that participants have re-established a higher quality of life that is more meaningful than it was before they began the project.

Previous to this project, the same participants had been assessed to be “stationary” with “no further rehabilitation potential.” DWWP has its own Instagram account, @danishwoundedwarriorsproject, where it is possible to follow the training and development of the participants.