What takes place at the first lesson?

The first lesson is private, even if you have already tried Pilates or GYROTONIC® before. We prepare an individualized program for you, so that you get the optimal training from the very first day.

Please arrive 15 minutes before the first lesson starts, so you have time to change clothes and fill out a questionnaire. We would like to know about any present or previous injuries, and whether there is anything special we should take into account during your training. Next, we’ll carry out an analysis of your posture, and observe how you stand, walk and whether there is any asymmetry in your body. During the analysis you wear your workout clothes.

After this, we put together an individualized training program for you. We start with a thorough introduction of the basic principles. Although you make have trained elsewhere, it is always a good idea to review the principles, refresh your knowledge or gain a deeper understanding of the techniques.

What should I wear?

Comfortable, soft training clothes, such as leggings, tights or running pants and a T-shirt and non-slip socks. Avoid clothes with buttons and belts. Gym shoes are not necessary.

How long does the training last?
A private lesson lasts for 60 minutes and a semi-private lesson lasts for 75 minutes.

How often should I train?
You can do Pilates exercises every day. The more often you train, the faster you will get results. We recommend 1-2 times a week in order to feel, understand and see the good effect that the training has on the body.

Can Pilates and GYROTONIC® help me with weight loss?
Yes, both forms of training constrict muscles and give you good posture; however, you need to supplement this training with a form of cardio exercise a couple of times a week in order to increase your metabolic rate. Pilates and GYROTONIC® are the perfect supplementary training for cardio exercise.

Do I have to be in a certain condition to train with Pilates or GYROTONIC®?
People of any age, gender or physical condition can train with Pilates or GYROTONIC®. We take any past or present injuries or illnesses into consideration and put together an individualized program for you.

Can I train while pregnant and just after giving birth?

You can train with us during and after your pregnancy to build and maintain optimal core strength.

Throughout your pregnancy, we adapt the program to accommodate for your changing body and, based on which trimester you are in, we will provide the best conditions for maintaining a strong and well-functioning body. After the birth, we will design a personal program with you, to help your body recover post-pregnancy and to build strength and stamina for your daily life activities with a baby.

Training options are: private, duo and trio. We do not recommend Mat Work during pregnancy. Phone us to talk about Mat Work groups after the pregnancy, so we can help you to determine whether you are ready to participate.