Privacy Policy

We have updated our Privacy Policy. If you want to keep track of our activities, please sign up for our newsletter. You can always and very easily unsubscribe from the newsletter via a link at the bottom of the news email. Here you can also update your information.

All subscribers to the newsletter must sign up for themselves and then confirm the registration via approval in subsequent mail. We do not add subscribers to our email list.


Processing of personal information

As a business, we must inform our customers about the personal information we store. We only store information about people who have subscribed to the newsletter and people who have been enrolled in training or workshops.

If you receive our newsletter, we will save your name and email address. This information is used only for the purpose of sending newsletters.

If you have been registered with CPS training or workshop, we will save your first name, last name, email, country, address, phone number, pilates experience, if you have injuries, general education / qualifications and where you have heard about the course / education. This information we use to manage registrations, contact students about important information and to service our students. We delete all data after completion of education.

We will never forward and share personal information with third parties. You can at any time ask us to delete the personal information we have about you. However, you must unsubscribe from the newsletter.
You are always welcome to contact us at mail:


Platform for sending newsletters

We use Mailchimp as a platform for sending our newsletters. When you sign up for our newsletter, you agree that the information you provide will be sent to our account at Mailchimp in accordance with their Privacy Policy and Terms.


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