Rose Gad
Solo dancer for the Royal Danish Ballet 


“Even after long years of professional instruction as a ballet dancer and in the dance environment, Pilates has changed and expanded my physical awareness. One of the advantages of Pilates training is that one can train at all levels. It can be used to prepare for an extraordinary physical performance, to maintain your present form, and to rehabilitate after injuries. Pilates has helped me over long periods with difficult injuries. What is fantastic about this system is that it is possible to do challenging exercises without putting strain on the injured area. Also, after my three pregnancies, I can thank Pilates training for helping me return to the stage. 

It is no secret that Jessie Lee is my favorite instructor. She is very deliberate, patient, very pleasant and professional. She serves and supports her clients and the results from her guidance are fantastic.  

Since I am no longer a dancer, now I train for my well-being and in preparation for my first skiing holiday.”  

Erik Aschengreen
Author, ballet historian and critic 

“Pilates is what keeps me going. No doubt about it. In 2001 I was diagnosed with severe osteoarthritis in my right knee. There was no cartilage left and a big hole in the bone. ‘That will require a new knee,’ said my orthopedist, ‘but let’s wait and see.’ While we waited, I started training at Copenhagen Pilates Studio in February 2002. It is almost miraculous that I am walking around like I am able to do now. The training has strengthened the muscles around my knee, and has been good for my body in general. I can carry out my daily activities, travel, and so on. My orthopedist says that I have a typical case of osteoarthritis, but as long as I am doing so well, we won’t take the next step, which is having surgery. 

I am vigilant with the training, and greatly appreciate the attentive personal guidance offered at Copenhagen Pilates Studio. This may sound like a story with a happy ending produced for an advertisement, but it is not. I am certain that Pilates is what keeps me going. And I am very grateful for that.” 

Birgit Tengberg
Tengberg Media 

 “I have been training regularly at Copenhagen Pilates Studio since 2002, and now I go twice a week. Since I work in front of a computer on a daily basis, there is no way I could do without the training. I cannot imagine what state my body would be in if I had not begun this body maintenance.  

In the first years I exercised on the studio’s Pilates machines, but eventually I started using the Gyrotonic equipment. Gyrotonic is a harmonious, organic and meditative way of moving. Working with weight resistance, muscles are strengthened and breathing is improved. With exercises that develop coordination, Gyrotonic training is challenging for the body and mind. Every time I leave Copenhagen Pilates Studio after 75 minutes of intensive training, I feel like a whole new person – strong, calibrated and happy. I highly recommend it!”  

Birgitte Greve

“After an improperly treated neck injury in 1988, it has been necessary for me to painstakingly plan and make arrangements in my life to avoid headaches and migraines, just as I have been dependent on going to physiotherapy every other week. No matter what form of training I had tried, none of them improved my condition – quite the opposite. So, when I first started to train with Jessie at Copenhagen Pilates Studio in 2010 it was with a bit of anxiousness. Very quickly I noticed a positive change, and already after just half a year’s training, I realized that my life had noticeably improved. Now I can handle long working days with many meetings with no problem, and still have plenty of energy for other activities. The intervals between my physiotherapy treatments are fewer and further between. I would especially like to emphasize Jessie’s impressive professional competence. Her patience and engagement are an invaluable support and inspiration. I look forward to my weekly practice (soon to be twice weekly) and I always end my training with a sense of feeling strong physically and mentally.

Copenhagen Pilates Studio is a fantastic place, which I warmly recommend.”