The love for movement started very early in my childhood. I got really excited using my body as a tool for articulation and expression, which led me to become an athlete and later on a professional dancer.
Being a professional dancer I understood the importance of being connected to my body, to listen and feel. I needed to learn how to take care of it, but at the same time to push myself to physical extremes.
It was only when I injured my ankle that I was exposed to pilates for the first time. It was definitely love at first sight! I spend months in the studio recovering and exploring my body in ways I didn’t know existed. I never actually felt better physically and got a better perspective of the human anatomy. Eventually I decided to do the Pilates education.
Pilates has become a platform to continue my research of the body’s articulation. It was a natural continuation from my career as a dancer. I feel it is a privilege as a pilates instructor to be able to help people connect to their bodies. Through movement they discover motions and emotions that they have never known. They connect to places in their body that carries memories, traumas, injuries, emotions and habits.
It’s a fascinating and rewarding journey if one manages to surrender to it.

1987-1989 Orly Hoffman Dance Studio, Haifa, Israel

1989-1991Kibbutz Dance Company’s School and Workshop

1992-1994 Served in the Israeli Army. 

1994-1995 Kibbutz Dance Company’s School and Workshop

1995-1997 Professional Dancer at Kibbutz Dance Company, Israel

1997-1999 Professional Dancer at Batsheva Junior Company, Israel

1999-2005 Freelance dance Projects and choreography, Denmark

2002-2005Dancer & assistant choreographer New Danish Dance Theatre, Denmark

2003-2005 Fully certification Pilates education STOTT PILATES, Denmark.

2006-2009 Instructor & studio manager STOTT PILATES, Israel

2010-2018 Instructor trainer at sport university WINGATE, Israel

2008-2017 Teacher at Pilates conventions  WINGATE sport university, Israel

2011-2019 Owner & Instructor of Pilates studio for rehabilitation & special needs. 

2017-2018 Fascial Fitness education ACTIVIX school, Israel 

2018-2019 Assistant teacher at sport therapy education SHIIM UNIVERSITY

2018-2019 Full year education of “Functional Anatomy”, Eyal Shemesh



  • Private & semiprivate lektioner
  • Holdlektioner
  • Pilates matwork 
  • Teaches in English