Comprehensive Teachers Training Course (CTTC)  education as a Pilates equipment and Mat teacher

The comprehensive teacher training course, CTTC, covers the Pilates mat work as well as the training on all main Pilates equipment. It was created by professionals for professionals. Students become acquainted with the classic repertoire, as well as with the application of up-to-date research in functional biomechanics.

All modules will be taugh in english and located at Copenhagen Pilates Studio. 



Course syllabus/subjects

  • Comprehensive information about the repertoire for Pilates Mat Work and Pilates large equipment: Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda Chair, Ladder Barrel, Step Barrel, Armchair, Ped A Pull and a range of small equipment.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of the teaching methods based on the BASI®Block System.
  • Scientific studies about the human musculoskeletal system, anatomy and physiology.
  • 5 workbooks as well as one study guide with over 500 pages with descriptions and analyses of the repertoire, function and application of the equipment.

Certification requirements

An internationally recognized certificate is awarded for a successfully completed program, conditional upon the fulfillment of the following requirements.

  • Attendance of all course modules
  • Achieving a passing grade on the written and practical exams, including a teaching evaluation, and a written term paper
  • Observation (100 hours)
  • Teaching practice (200 hours)
  • Self-practice (200 hours)

OBS! All Observation and self-practice + 10x 1 hour of teaching your own client in the studio can happen at Copenhagen Pilates Studio

(The recommended number of hours complies with and exceeds international standards)

Registration and information
BASI Office
Tel.: +49 / 89 8399 9469

Eva Wegener
Copenhagen Pilates Studio
Peder Skrams Gade 5, ground floor
Tel.: +45 33 11 00 88


The price of the course is 32.500 DKK

The price includes: 

  • ALL observation and self practice sessions in Copenhagen Pilates Studio. It is however possible to practice in other studios and/or at home via BASI interactive. 
  • 10x 1 hour of teaching client in the studio. It is possible to buy extra hours if needed. 

The price includes registration fee, administration and examination fee as well as the study material.

Course dates

You can find the course dates here